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We design and create exclusive handmade objects in the tradition of Venetian craftsmanship, from the pencils of our designers and their artistic creativity come the designs of our products and it is always a lifeblood of the whole creative process.

The passion and care we devote to our products are a source of pride and satisfaction for us. All creations are unique pieces, handmade and produced elusively in our workshop.

Venetian tradition

Unique artisanal creations, the result of the tradition and experience of generations of Venetian artisans

Elegance and refinement

The design of the products is so pleasing to the eye, because it speaks of the past with the language of the present.

Timeless Objects

All creations are unique handmade pieces, integrating with modern habits, they give you back the pleasure of gestures that have belonged to man for millennia.


Small design masterpieces of great value that give life to objects always capable of meeting the taste of the most refined customer.


The high level of craftsmanship and the combinations of fine materials give life to unique objects.

Useful objects for your enjoyment

Our creations are classy objects for the refined taste of the collector and an opportunity to appreciate the relevance of materials that have fascinated man for millennia.

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    Based on 410 reviews
    Merce Capell
    Merce Capell
    25 November 2022
    Envio muy rápido. Información sobre el estado del envio constante y acutalizada. Todo perfecto.
    Emília Muset Pedrosa
    Emília Muset Pedrosa
    20 November 2022
    Viajé a Venecia la semana pasada, compre una pluma, la senyora mayor que me atendió fantástica, yo tenia prisa y no pude entretenerme en escoger, le pedí una pluma y me dijo que era la mejor del mundo, me fuí con una buena sensación y cuando llegue a mi casa y la probé, me sorprendió y me di cuenta de que tengo en mis manos la mejor pluma de mundo.
    STRUCK Claudine
    STRUCK Claudine
    11 November 2022
    Loredana Della Gatta
    Loredana Della Gatta
    6 October 2022
    Gentili, celeri, professionali e assolutamente affidabili! Consigliatissimo
    Dr. Mary MacLeod PhD, LCSW-R
    Dr. Mary MacLeod PhD, LCSW-R
    14 August 2022
    Super fast delivery of beautifully made products
    Georgios-Pygmalion Papadakis
    Georgios-Pygmalion Papadakis
    7 August 2022
    Sealing products are of great quality.Delivery was a bit pricey but really fast and communicative to pick up.Customer service responds fast and you can feel they are willing to cooperate in order to solve any issue. Rare products with a really hard to find quality, even through online purchases.