Calligraphy set, imagine your thoughts taking shape and discover the art of handwriting. With pen and inkwell you can dedicate yourself to the practice of beautiful writing, a pleasure that has belonged to man for millennia. This line of calligraphy products is made up of Murano glass pens, wooden calligraphy set, quill pens and finely crafted inkwells, like all Bortoletti creations, they are unique pieces.

In the various calligraphy sets, you will find fine point calligraphy nibs for traditional calligraphy, high quality calligraphy ink.

The Murano glass pen collection is made up of a glass pen with different processes and finely crafted inkwells and like all Bortoletti creations, they are unique pieces.

Calligraphy set, in the quill pen collection you will find writing sets with natural goose quill with various solutions. Each calligraphic set has been studied and tested by calligraphers who collaborate with the Bortoletti Venezia company and are unique pieces.

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