Desk set accessories, collection of tasteful and high-quality desk accessories made by hand. Exclusive letter opener and magnifying glass with Murano glass beads, precious wood and handcrafted Venetian murrina. Desk set for an important gift idea, useful objects that here become a piece of furniture of great taste and value.

Vintage and travel style leather diaries with classic features and great personality. Rediscover the pleasure of a handmade product in the Bortoletti line of leather diaries, designed to store travel notes. An ideal treasure chest to preserve your memories and special moments, to be enriched with your emotions.

Desk set, the finishes and details of the bronze decorations are of great refinement and are the result of research and balance between artisan tradition and innovation. The project was designed with an elegant play of geometric balances by Atelier A70

Collection of one-of-a-kind handmade bookmarks, elegant and original from the typical Venetian manufacturing of artistic craftsmanship. For pleasant reading breaks and for those who love made in Italy , a collection of bookmarks in the Venetian style.

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